Floral trade fairs, necessary or a waist of time?

The first three trade fairs in Europe have taken place. Paris, Essen, and Frankfurt are the places to visit.... but do we and do we need to?

An often heard comment is that there isn't that much news to be found.... true but if you look and search well enough you will be able to find new materials, new color combinations and refreshing ideas.

The botanical trend has been around for a few years now as we all(hopefully) know, this will continue in 2017 as well. During the fair in frankfurt, a lot of examples can be found that confirm this statement.

Shishi, for instance, showed artificial trees with cones incorporated into it, just to emphasize the natural look and feel! decorated with green and transparent glass bubbles it looked classic, stylish but with a clear natural twist. Jasaco presented silk flowers in a botanical theme with gold and bronze accents.


Candles in natural tones with green as the accent color and a mat finish making it look even more natural. Or what to think of woven bamboo lamp shades and fruit pods with gold accents... all based on a natural theme.


Ceramic companies go for bold rough and irregular. colored in grays, browns, and again green. if you combine the green with more white and black and add geometrical patterns to it you will create a more modern, Scandinavian look and feel.

What to think of these Christmas objects? try to push yourself to think beyond the standard arrangements, surprise your clients and show them that you're on top of the current trends. there for I would say trade fairs are important to visit, upload your creative battery and keep on developing yourself.