Floral trade fairs, necessary or a waist of time? part 2

When I walk around a trade fair, colors are one of the first things that I pay attention to, what combinations are to be found and is there a pattern (more companies using the same combination)

In this news item, I would like to share my findings regarding colors during the 2017 edition of Christmas world.



Let's start with what was new last year and does it continue in 2017? The color Petrol blue was a color that stood out during last year's edition, and also this year it was clearly present, Vivant is a ribbon company that each year shows beautiful color combinations, in a lot of these combinations petrol, was used. sometimes in combination with greens and aubergine or fuchsia as an accent color. The luxurious look and feel of petrol colored velvet and silk, match perfectly with Christmas and is easy to combine with another color scheme.





What caught my eye this year was the color blue in general, a wide range of blues was used in a variation of materials. Ceramics, bubbles, candles, Tableware, I would definitely do something with blue this year!




I don't know if it is a coincidence but two other cool colors were clearly shown more this year, namely, purple and aubergine, purple has more blue in it, aubergine more red but both are clearly cooler colors. presented in combination with golds and creams or bronze and copper they form a beautiful rich pallet.

So besides all the traditional color combinations there are still a lot of new and fresh ideas to be found, take your time when you go around the halls and don't only focus on what you like, but search for things that can be of interest.