Floral trade fairs, necessary or a waist of time? part 3

This will be the last and final post with Christmas world 2017 as a subject. was there any news in between the huge amounts of traditional Christmas decorations? Yes, there was...

I think it has been 4 or 4 years ago that the copper was booming during that year's edition, did we had the same explosion of a color or material this year... no.

But what did drew my attention was the use of corrosive structures and finishes for ceramic, glass, and bubbles. Corten steel is plain steel that corrodes and forms an orange-brown crust around the steel. copper roofs form a green bronze layer over the copper all to protect the material. by using this phenomenon for finishes a new and fresh design appears.



glass is colored but still transparent in grey-brown and other smokey colors, sometimes the vase exists of two part sometimes it is one.One of my favorite vases was the one with an iron frame supporting a beautiful bubble form... loved it!


Christmas and metallics... they can't do without one another. And also this year interesting combinations and designs were to be found using metallic finishes. On paper, candles with matt and shiny metallics, hamburgers?! and timeless ceramics.




Altogether the 2017 edition of Christmas world was worth visiting for me. I have charged my creative battery and look forward to the next fair.