Romance 3.0 winter trend 2017

The economy is on the up, living standards are improving. At the same time we find ourselves in a digital bubble.

We surround ourselves with people and opinions that are the same as ours. This gives us the sense that our world and our view of it is being enlarged. Everything is extra-powerful, and this certainly applies to design. Materials are super-luxurious, shapes are full and sumptuous, colours are intense and rich. This results in decadent interior and exterior spaces. 

The eye-catching use of warm colours is combined with both simple and delicate patterns. Everything seems to have been worked, and inspired by the floral. Combinations of rich materials lend an almost decadent appearance to the overall effect. Flowers and plants are used abundantly and decoratively. We see eye-catching, rich colour combinations, large flower shapes, full bouquets. Large plants, both flowering and green, sometimes with a heavily exotic appearance. Arrangements appear to merge into the background, and the pattern (of the wallpaper or curtain) competes with the real living product for attention.

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source: Bloemenbureau Holland

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