Bureau Nijman + van Haaster B.V.

Today's consumer is not easy to define. But the understanding of your consumers does determine your success as a retailer, brand or manufacturer. Bureau Nijman+ van Haaster helps you to understand your consumers better and provides advice about how you can profit of the ever changing zeitgeist and your consumers behaviour. We research, translate and inspire through facts and vision. This way we help you to optimize your brand strategy, product portfolio, communication and store arrangements and align it to the current zeitgeist. For over 20 years we are extremely goal oriented what leads to workable and creative solutions as a result.

Led by Anet van Haaster and Aafje Nijman, Bureau Nijman+ van Haaster works with a fixed team of professionals. In addition we also have a flexible network of freelancers to our disposal. Thus we can put the best team together on each single project so that the right person is in the right seat. To do what they do best.