Bloomtube step by step guide


Being competitive in life and in sports is one of the themes of this summer trend. A symbol for a winner is a classic laurel wreath, coming from the romans who “crowned” the winners of battles with a laurel wreath

Step 1

I have made a modern interpretation of this traditional wreath and wanted to give it a decorative purpose.
Take a leaf or green variety that dries or lasts a long time.
Select the same size of leafs and lace them up on a green wire.


Step 2

Tight the wire together and form the fan shape into a full ring.


Step 3

Adjust the leafs so they are divided evenly.


Step 4

Fix them in the spot where you want them by placing a full ring of hot glue on the back of the leaves.


Step 5

Wire two preserved roses on a cupper coloured branches by using cupper coloured wire.


Step 6

Add the branche to the base of leaves.



The result is a decorative wall decoration that look particularly nice when a number of rings are placed together.



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