Bloomtube step by step guide


The combination of flowers, colours and textures mainly determine the final result of a bouquet. Add creativity and composition and something stunning can evolve. To enjoy such a bouquet as long as possible the right care and handling is also very important. We have made this video to explain you that care and aftercare are important elements and important information for florists and people that like to enjoy flowers.

Step 1

Hygiene is an important subject in the process of working with flowers.
When you receive your flowers in your show they have to be put on water that is placed in clean vases.
To get these clear vases you will have to clean them first with Chrysal professional cleaner.


Step 2

With a small sponge this is easily done.
Rinse and you will have a fresh start.


Step 3

While you will be creating a wound on the flower stem it is also important to work with clean tools.
Add a bit of Chrysal professional cleaner to your sponge and clean your knife and scissors thoroughly.


Step 4

Fill your vases or buckets with water that is enriched with Chrysal clear flower food.
And automatic dosating system comes in very handy. Always the right amount of Chrysal added to your water. So no spilling or to small doses hat is added to the water


Step 5

Clean all your flowers by removing all leafs that will be within the water.
Cut the stems of diagonally and place them directly in your prepared vases.


Step 6

With your selected flowers it is now time to create an eye-catching bouquet. Start with a bit of foliage and a voluminous flower.


Step 7

Use a spiral bound technique to create as much as possible volume in your bouquet.
With a spiral bound technique we mean that all the stem twist in the same direction.
None of the stems will cross and other stem.


Step 8

Play with the height of the flowers when you place them in your bouquet, give each flower its own specific position.
Play with colours. in this composition the colour blocking brings in a lot of contrast which is eye catching.


Step 9

Cut of the entire stem on the right length. This will depend on the size of your vase.
Secure the bouquet with twine that you twist around your binding point and knot.


Step 10

Make sure that the vase you use is cleaned and so with out any bacteria.
Fill it with water that is again enriched with flower food, a consumer can use the sachets that a florist provides when a bouquet is bought


Step 11

After a few days, when the water level in the vase has dropped new water needs to be added. Enrich this again with flower food by using one of the small sachets with Chrysal clear.



By following these few simple steps the long lastingness of your flowers will improve enormously. Creating happier clients.


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