Bloomtube step by step guide


This year’s autumn trend is al about combining patterns, colours and textures to a new surprising combination. Dare to combine, dare to be different.

Step 1

The open structured basket shape is very useable when you want to weave things through the structure.
In this design I use artificial leaves to create a new and surprising effect.


Step 2

Using different textures of leaves and even a few spray-painted once to create that surreal natural effect.


Step 3

You will not have to cover the complete basket; I still want to show the dusty pink pot that I use for my plants.


Step 4

This plastic pot comes in a variation of popular and fashionable colours.
Select plants for their specific colour and leave pattern, here by adding extra texture to the design.


Step 5

Select plants that work well together. And as you can see… even with plants you can make stunning colour combinations.



Place it in a setting with lots of patterns and texture popular items are artificial fur, geometrical leave patterns and slightly alienating combinations in patter and colour.


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