Bloomtube step by step guide


A bouquet that will bring joy by including all different shapes and colours, combining into a festive whole!

Bouquet Tales

Step 1

A colourful combination consisting out of bright and fresh colours: by not adding any white, the combination will become even more joyous.

Step 2

Large variations of clear flower shapes are very important in this bouquet. Do not use to many fuzzy or fine flower types.

Step 3

Remove the leaves for two thirds of every flower.

Step 4

Make a base of different foliage varieties, shape it into a compact round shape using Spiral bound technique. With this technique, all the stems are processed in one direction: stems cannot cross in the vocale point of the bouquet. Put the flowers through the green base.

Step 5

Every flower that is placed in the bouquet has to be used is such way that each flower can show of it’s individual beauty.

Step 6

Cut the stems at the same length. Wrap a string multiple times around the vocale point and secure.

Step 7

The joyful effect of the bouquets returns in the fresh, green wrapping to which some symbols have been added.

  • Paper Metalwire
  • Lemon leaf
  • Larkspur volkerfrieden
  • Eucalypthus cinerea
  • Sandersonia
  • Anthurium marysia
  • Chrysanthemum Anastasia sunny
  • Hydrangea magical red harlequin
  • ivy green
  • Paeonie Sarah Bernheard
  • rose avalanche candy+
  • Rose Avalanche peach+
  • Calla lilly captain aquila
  • anthurium spice
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