Bloomtube step by step guide


A hand bound bouquet, in which the materials are processed in layers. At the base are the heavier, more voluminous products. Gradually, the flowers become more delicate and fragile.

Bouquet Tales

Step 1

Salmon and skin shades, coral and different shades of soft orange make the whole attractive. These are the colours that are fashionable at the moment.

Step 2

Selecting flowers with different volumes is important. Full, compact shapes with will be used at the base of the bouquets will be combined with pointed shapes. Small, delicate flowers make the progress of the shape complete.

Step 3

First, make a base shape from a combination of green materials. This can be round and compact: use a spiral bound technique. With this technique, all the stems are processed in one direction: stems cannot cross in the vocale point of the bouquet.

Step 4

Put the hydrangeas one by on though the leaf base. This can be done easily by holding the bundle of stems less tightly.

Step 5

Put the roses in the same way in the leaf base and in between the hydrangeas.

Step 6

Also put the Eremurus in the base of leaf and flowers, and spread them equally over the bouquet.

Step 7

To the same for the Calla flowers, these can stick out just a little above the hydrangeas. To bring extra layeredness in the bouquet, process the crocosmea flowers just a little longer. The longer flowers can be processed upright.

Step 8

Cut the stems at the desirable length. Wrap a string multiple times around the vocale point of the bouquet and secure it.

  • Paper Metalwire
  • Eucalypthus cinerea
  • Eremurus Cleopatra
  • Crocosmia lucifer
  • Hydrangea Verena
  • ivy green
  • Rose Avalanche peach+
  • calla Lilly hot shot
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