Bloomtube step by step guide


Fine, delicate flowers and colours will be combined into a romantic whole. Because of the minimal use of foliage, the bouquet will stay light and transparent.

Bouquet Tales

Step 1

Soft pastel colours. Fresh yellow will be an energetic addition to this.

Step 2

Small, flowery shapes in combination with fluffy shapes have been used. Fine, fragile branches are a great addition to this.

Step 3

Remove all the leaves of the Chrysanthemums, do the same for the other flowers.

Step 4

Take a small amount of blueberry branches and put an Astilbe in between: this will be the highest point of the bouquet. From here on the flowers will be placed lower in the bouquet: a pointed shape will arise.

Step 5

Use a Spiral bound technique. With this technique, all the stems are processed in the same direction. This way, the vocale point will remain slim enough to grasp while creating a maximum amount of volume.

Step 6

Wrap a string multiple times around the vocale point and secure. Spread the stems as much as possible: the bottom of the bouquet will widen. Cut the stems straight so the bouquet can stand on its own when placed in a bowl with water.

  • Paper Metalwire
  • Calla Lilly white
  • Blueberry
  • Astilbe europe
  • Chrysanthemum confetti
  • Chrysanthemum stallion
  • Matricaria yellow vegmo
  • Calla Lilly mint julip
  • Anthurium fantasy love
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