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Men like to get flowers too! However, while arranging this bouquet, pay attention to what is appropriate considering combinations and atmosphere. Rough and contrasting shapes together with the callalily flowers will tend to a man's needs.

Bouquet Tales

Step 1

A clear combination of colours with, if needed, a large contrast between the colours fits to the masculine target group.

Step 2

Beside clear colours, also use simple shapes. Rough, tough, and not too delicate are evident features.

Step 3

Remove approximately one third of the foliage of the stems of the Chrysanthemums.

Step 4

Take two large chestnut branches as the base of the bouquet and put the Chrysanthemums in between at different heights. Use a spiral bound technique. In this technique, all the stems are processed in the same direction. At the vocale point, the stems cannot cross each other.

Step 5

Do the same for the two different colours of Calla’s. By putting the flowers at different levels, each flower is clearly visible.

Step 6

For the packing, use an appropriate colour of paper. The copper tint adds a feeling of luxury to the bouquet and makes the whole less sweet. Generally, copper is a fashionable colour that is also seen in interiors nowadays.

Step 7

Keep the packing simple and plain; when adding ribbon, process this in a simple and modest way.

  • Calla Lilly Captain Promise
  • Paper Metalwire
  • Anthurium previa
  • Chrysanthemum globe green
  • Chestnut
  • Monstera leaf
  • Calla lilly green goddess
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