Bloomtube step by step guide


Classic, romantic bouquets can be contemporary too! By not choosing the well-known biedermeier shape, a more modern image arises.

Bouquet Tales

Step 3

Remove all the foliage of the flowers. The green colour of the foliage works neutralizing and can weaken the colour combination.

Step 1

The base of the bouquet is white; this makes the whole look fresh and airy. The added bright colours make the bouquet sparkling and fresh.

Step 2

Round, full flower shapes have the upper hand in this bouquet: combined with a wide variety of flower types, a romantic image arises.

Step 4

Make a compact spherical shape out of two Hydrangeas and some white Avalanche+ Roses. Carefully put the Crysantemums in between: make sure no flowers get damaged.

Step 5

First, distribute the larger flower shapes over the bouquet; make sure all the materials are equally divided over the bouquet. Use a spiral bound technique. In this technique, all the stems are processed in the same direction. The stems cannot cross each other at the vocale point.

Step 6

Fill the empty spaces with smaller flower types. Make sure the white materials remain visible.

Step 7

Finish the bouquet with an edge of Salal leaf, this makes the bouquet sturdier and prevents the Hydrangeas from damage.

Step 8

Wrap paper twine with a core of wire multiple times around the vocale point. Cut the stems at the desired length and place the bouquet in a clean vase with water and flower food.


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