What can you find
at Bloomtube?

  • Floral inspiration for florist world wide,
  • Product and growers information,
  • Useable trendinfo and what to do with it

As a florist you will be able to improve your technical skills by viewing our detailed instructional video's. Get inspired by our database of useable designs, try them and apply them to your shops floral design.

See our detailed info of the materials we used, color and auction codes. Improve your product knowledge and be more informative towards your customers. Growers will give background information about the beautiful flowers they have grown with great effort.

Learn from each other by viewing floral designs that are posted by you, the users of bloomtube.
Contact us at info@bloomtube.com

Jan de Koning

Initially trained to be florist / arranger, I developed myself more and more in the field of photography, filming and web designer over the years. Shaping images, moving or stills with a recurring floral theme, clearly demonstrates my passion for the flower industry.

Under the name Koningjan I have been active in the field of web design since 2005 with the associated photo, video and graphical productions. Full devotion and finding surprising ways of presenting, are characteristic for my work.


Joan Stam

For more than 25 years I have been active as a flower arranger and decorator and I am still surprised with all the beauty nature is giving us. Unlimited possibilities with the vast availability of materials, makes my professions one of the best there is.

My broad experience within the Dutch and international flower industry in the field of trainings, presentations and decorations, make me a significant source of knowledge. I believe it will be wonderful to be able to share this with colleagues around the world.


Aafje Nijman

Originally trained as a designer I developed myself over the years as a trend forecaster specialized in green products and interior accessories. I am responsible for the trend forecast of all the important green organizations in the Netherlands. Since 2012 I also teach trend forecasting at International Lifestyle Studies in Tilburg, the Netherlands. My passion is to explain the future and to inspire producers and retail to display innovative, commercial and relevant products to colour the world a bit more beautiful.